Dice Breaker – clicker RPG


We are Fake Fairy- small independent gaming studio.

After a full year of hard work, coming straight from our main jobs to our man caves, spending sleepless nights on fullfilling our childhood dream we’ve finally managed to finish and release our first game- Dice Breaker!



We wanted to create something fresh, funny and innovative.

First of all, Dice Breaker is an action, turn-based j-RPG with really highly developed plot. In this game we combines anime-like storyline with pure, handmade comics, unique dice-based mechanics and some traditional upgradable items system.
All of this was gathered together in one story mode (single player) and divided into seven chapters.

In this epic adventure (with a pinch of twisted comedy) you begin as a typical highschooler who suddenly got superpowers. But right after got framed into some mieschevious plot.
Player’s mission is to kick dozens of villain’s butts on his way to figure out the truth (mostly by tapping enemies to death and using special dices which grants unique skills).
The game itself is challenging, especially fights with the bosses, but with proper tactics, items and ability to adapt to the battlefield everything should go smooth.

Key features of Dice Breaker:

  •  Anime – like storyline presented in comic book style
  • Nonlinear RPG character development (thanks to many different skills each fight may look different to guarantee the best combat experience)
  • Innovative turn-based combat system that requires both thinking and dexterity
  • Dozens of unique enemies (zombies, Slavic ninjas, old people, sexy robot chicks and much more)
  • Classical RPG fashion items upgrading your skills and statistics
  • High quality, hand-drawn graphics with astonishing special effects

Most of all, Dice Breaker is totally free Android game and we are still working on it based on players reviews. In this case we’ll be glad to hear from you because we want to make Dice Breaker better.

Check out Dice Breaker for yourselves and enjoy! 🙂

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Poly Star!

Poly Star

Available now on iTunes, and Google Play, offers an engaging and exciting arcade experience. Players will pilot a stolen star fighter as they journey through space trying to avoid enemy fire for risk of being blasted into another dimension. Poly Star was created to introduce geometry, counting, and math in a fun way. Poly Star’s clean lines, fun colors and simple graphics help the user to relate to the app and math in general.

Poly Star’s easy to use controls, many exciting features, and simplistic graphics set itself apart from other apps on the app store. Players can move freely by dragging their ship using the left side of the screen to avoid taking damage. Players can tap on the right side of the screen to fire lasers at their enemies and power ups alike! Sand Heaver writes:

“It is a very enjoyable side-scrolling shoot-em-up with great music and has a very clean, minimalist feel. Clearly a lot of love and attention has gone into the overall aesthetic.”

Another one of the great features that Poly Star has to offer is it upgrade system. Users accumulate stars by defeating enemies and bosses alike. These stars can be used to upgrade power ups, shielding, and the amount of lasers fired. These stronger power ups become crucial to surviving higher wave counts. With over seven power ups and eight different upgrades, Poly Star has a lot of gameplay for players to explore.

For players who have a knack for competition, Poly Star will save the user’s highest scores and post them to a global leaderboard so that they can compare themselves against other players across the world. Additionally, players also unlock achievements from defeating waves of enemies, avoiding damage, progressing quickly, defeating bosses, and using power ups effectively!

Poly Star is available world wide for absolutely no cost to the user. Currently the app does not provide any in app purchases and is available on both iPhones and Android devices.

The app is available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyKyle

The app is available for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poly-star/id1203859727?ls=1&mt=8
Please check out my trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvMlPWePjm0

Toast! Indie Game

What is Toast?

Toast’s easy to use controls, many exciting features, and simplistic graphics set itself apart from other indie games on the app store. As the stage scrolls by users simply tap the screen to make their character jump onto platforms, over enemies, or even into power ups.

One of the greatest features that toast has to offer is its unlockables. Users accumulate coins by playing Toast. These coins can be used to purchase more levels and characters to play as. Users can play as every adorable enemy in the game for just a small cost of coins. With over 30 playable characters and 12 different worlds, Toast has a lot of depth for characters to explore.

For players who have a knack for competition, Toast will save the user’s highest scores and post them to a global leaderboard so that they can compare themselves against other players across the world. A quote from a review by Hudson Crider describes this process:

“Great game! Really fun and challenging! Great way to pass the time trying to beat your high score.”

Additionally, players also unlock achievements from achieving high scores, collecting items, jumping, defeating enemies, and accumulating coins to use for unlockables.

Toast is available world wide for absolutely no cost to the user. Currently the app does not provide any in app purchases and is available on both iPhones and Android phones.

Toast is an awesome indie game that began as a simple doodle in one of my college notebooks. Before I set out on my quest to make amazing and wonderful games I realized that I was missing something that was very critical to game development. Experience. Originally the game was just a simple runner on a single platform where users would tap the screen to jump over other foods. As I gathered feedback on Toast, the game evolved tremendously. I learned so much from implementing music, power ups, characters, levels, platforming, achievements and leaderboards. I was fortunate enough to find a really great sprite editor in Aseprite and a wonderful framework in libGDX. Learning how to integrate with Google Play Services and Game Center has been beyond valuable. Now that Toast is in its 2.0 release it is better than ever and getting more positive feedback than ever. Toast has taught me a lot about app development and marketing! iTunes,Google Play, Trailer, Facebook, Twitter

Ben The Exorcist – Annoucement Trailer


Ben the Exorcist is horror/comedy game from first person perspective.

The task of our titular Hero is to banish annoying ghosts from haunted house of Whiterspoon family so they could finally continue their boring life peacefully.

You will be equiped with your faith, holy water and unordinary flashlight which will reveal the secrets of haunted house. (Actually this is ordinary UV Flashlight).

Find out unique stories behind each of ghosts by searching for items from their past while avoiding their rage.

Would you dare to step in to the haunted house or you chicken out?

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Jungleverse: Tiki Cups – jungle animals love gambling, too!

Tiki Cups Shuffle
Jungleverse: Tiki Cups Shuffle
is a game of observation. Remove any distractions from your field of view, pay attention to the operator’s movements and find the ball hidden underneath one of the cups! The operator did not consent to play fair, so expect dirty moves. Thankfully, you have a couple of surprises for that guy as well! Slow down the operator’s movements, remove one of the empty cups or the second, fake ball. Show him who’s boss! Earn gold coins and spend them on new backgrounds and cups to make the game room feel like home.

How to play:

  • Carefully memorize which cup hides the ball and observe their movements..
  • Pick the right cup. You can use a number of special powers that will make things easier: slow down the operator’s movements, remove one of the empty cups, remove the second, fake ball.
  • Receive coins that you can spend on new customization options. Buy new tables, cups, backgrounds and curtains.


  • See jungle animals go wild shuffling those cups. Yeehaw!
  • Lots of fun – our operator is not a scammer, he’s there only to spice things up a little!
  • Wide array of customization options that you can purchase using coins you get as rewards for winning.

Ready for another round? The operator’s going to make sure you’re not going to win this time…

Gameplay video:

Jungleverse: Tiki Cups is now available in the Google Play store!


Artists Mobile is an independent developer of desktop and hand-held video games. Check out our other games here:

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Dungeon of Zaar: When Hearthstone meets XCOM! Demo available

Dungeon of Zaar is a turn-based and squad-based tactical. We wish to bring together the quick games and friendly design of a title like Hearthstone with the challenging tactical gameplay of XCOM. Battle through the ancient Dungeon of Zaar, build your dream team of mercenaries, and claim the Throne!

The game focus on multiplayer but with a bit of solo content (training against the AI, solo missions).


We just released a pre-alpha demo (multi only) and the local mode is clean so you can play on the same device against a friend or play a bit against yourself just to see how it works and feel at this early stage of the development.

However, the online mode is quite unstable. You can still try to play the online mode but you might encounter a weird bug announcing the victory or the defeat too early without apparent reasons.


We just launched our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign if you wish to support us on either platform. That will get you a huge thanks from the whole Dungeon of Zaar team!

Objection! Courtroom drama game releases new trailer

Hey Everyone,

Twelve Absent Men is a satirical legal adventure game with comedic characters, an enthralling storyline and a polished, modern cartoon look. Solve puzzles, confound witnesses and outwit the state prosecutor in this race to that crucial verdict: not-guilty!

You play as Mr. Knight, a lawyer dedicated to the cause of justice, helped by an incompetent intern. Together, your mission is to examine and cross-examine witnesses, present evidence  and narrow down the list of culprits accused of this most awful of crimes: murder.
– Objections.
– Examination and cross-examination of witnesses.
– The use of courtroom evidence.
– Choices and consequences that effect the ending.
– A Judge anger meter – with the possibility of being thrown out of court!
– Ability to call up witnesses in any order you desire to question them.
– Nine different endings.
– Original soundtrack and effects.
Release Date: November 2016, on Android and iOS.
“If you’ve ever wanted to be part of all those Law & Order court scenes”(TouchArcade)

A spanking new hardcore action game Structure will be revealed to the world in fall 2016!

BUKA Entertainment and russian game developer Extent5 present a new upcoming dynamic action game Structure that is scheduled for release on PC this fall.  Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions are considered for development. Game will tell a mysterious story of an intelligent machine which finds itself in a hostile environment of a gloomy and unfriendly planet XS-1271. The surface of this planet was severe disfigured as a result of a failed terraforming process. Why did the mission of colonizing a new world fail? What went wrong and what could be done to stave an inevitable collapse off? These are the questions the player is to answer.

Structure announcement teaser https://youtu.be/Pv_uVMHITk0

For more information, please visit official website http://structuregame.com/ and follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

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