Legends Of Iona RPG

A game I like made by fans of Phantasy Star (1987) if now free.


It take a while to grow on you, but it is a good game.

5 Level dungeon quest. Combats are simple. Spell are crystals you need to find

Garden Clerk, Tenebra Studios’ upcoming retro game

Great news for Retro Games aficionados!

Tenebra Studios, a Greek game development and digital interactive software company, has hinted about the release of its retro inspired puzzle exploration game with a sinister dark twist, titled “Garden Clerk” !

The game features exploration, reflex based riddles and puzzle solving ala legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, with all the 8bit glory accompanying it.

It is made in Pico-8 with many modern features like, high-score table for competitive play, save/load system, real-time reflections and particle systems. The competitive edge of the game is that each labyrinth/dungeon can be solved in an optimal way, with the least amount of steps taken while collecting all the available keys and opening all the chests. In your adventure you will meet NPCs and stores, alongside signposts that will help or hinder you.

Unravel the true story behind the titular Clerk in this new retro pixel flavored game. You can watch Garden Clerk’s trailer here and download the demo from here.

Main buttons used by the game are ‘Z’, ‘X’ and the arrow keys. You can also use any standard USB gamepad attached to your PC. By holding down ‘X’ you bring up your inventory and ‘Z’ handles the rest of the interactions.

The full version is still in development with the target release on Q3 2020. The suggested pricing will be at €2.99 on multiple platforms, initially available on PC, Windows, Linux, MACOSX and Android.

Pixel Art, Animations, Logo Design and Publicity Art by Irene Theochari

Additional Pixel Art and Animations by Thanos Georgoulis and Konstantina Bethani

Scenario, Level Design, Sound Effects by Thanos Georgoulis

Game Design – Programming by Thanos Georgoulis

Music and additional code by the PICO-8 Community, especially Dylan Bennett, Gruber, ShootingStar, Grumpydev, PicoLate and willwilliams68k

Cyberpunk strategy game: run a megacorporation and achieve immortality! Now on Kickstarter

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk strategy game where you’re the CEO of a global megacorporation.

  • Research horrific products, then launch marketing campaigns to convince everyone they’re brilliant

  • Buy media outlets and manipulate culture

  • Bribe politicians and change laws

  • Launch black ops and destroy governments, then set up puppet regimes

  • Research brain-transfer tech and become immortal


After two years of working on it in my spare time I’ve just launched on Kickstarter! Any pledges would be very welcome. If you can’t pledge, or if you want to help the project as much as you can, any social media posts/tweets/carrier pigeons would be really, really helpful.

You can find the Kickstarter here, or find out more at spinnortality.com.

Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey – A Comedy Game

“Don’t be afraid… Buy the ticket, and let me take you for a ride.”
Ryan Murphy, The Developer of the game.

Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey is, at a glance, a comedic trip down the memory lane of classic RPGs. But don’t let the silly facade fool you. Once you start down the rabbit hole… there’s no turning back. What it really is, is a trip. A trip through a twisted mind.

The overall experience of the game can be likened to Mel Brooks movies, the Austin Powers trilogy, Airplane!, Deadpool, and other parody/satire. Play it for a good laugh, it’s sure to tickle most funny bones. Experience it for the head games, psycholigical twists and turns, the twisted allegories and metaphors… to see just how deep the hole goes.

The Game:
The story starts simple. Jack Hoth is a famous let’s player on WeTelly. After a HUGE party celebrating his winning an award at WeTellyCon in Lost Vegas, he wakes up with a nasty hangover… then things just get worse.

He answers a knock at the door thinking it’s a friend, only to be kidnapped by the game developer! Forced to carry out a quest in a classic fantasy realm in the far flung future! There’s only one way to get home… and that’s do what he’s told.

Playing as Jack you’ll have to fight your way through nine crazy lands full of baddies. Learning to coordinate your skills and spells to try and wipe them out, before they can do the same to you.

Along the way you’ll explore an unpredictable world, meet strange and wonderful characters, and discover that even in the silliest of places… dark things ALWAYS lurk.

The Gameplay:
Jack Hoth: TLJ is a unique blend of several RPG styles.
Hack’n’Slash, tactical skill based combat. In a turn based format.
A massive amount of comedy, ranging from word play to sight gags, and just about everything in between.
A story that starts silly and simple, an intentional cliche, then gets more complex, twisted, dark and dramatic the deeper you go.
Lastly, there are touches of psychological horror woven in as well. It’s a game that likes messing with your head, and your expectations.

Player Quotes:
” I think my favorite thing had to be walking around and looking at the scenery, the banter between the PCs and the various running gags!”
“This looks awesome, omg I can’t rave on it enough!”
“Please upload the soundtrack, would love to listen to the music while I am working!”

Beat Crisis Up beta released

“Beat Crisis Up” beta, is out from now untill the 30 of July.
The beta is now in v1.3.
But..WTF is “Beat Crisis Up”?
Beat Crisis Up is a 2D retro Metroidvania-Beat featuring:

– Gigantic open world map.

– +20 hours of gameplay.

– Over 40 different attack moves, including throws, punches, kicks, reversals, and literally hundreds of possible combos…the largest move set in any 2D Beat’em up game EVER!

– Strong RPG elements.

– Game tracks your fighting style, including variety, mercy, the use of aerial or standing attacks, and more.

– Forget about enemies that are just there to get beaten…these guys want you for DEAD!.

– Slapstick humor, blood, brutality and political commentary.

– Coming up late 2017 for Windows, Linux and MacOs

Here´s the trailer at our Youtube channel:

You can read about us and follow at twitter

and at facebook at

You can check and download it at

New FPS/RPG hybrid PC game “Strife and Power”. Demo download availiable


Hi, We are developing a tactical FPS/sandbox RPG hybrid PC game. Freely explore the world, customize your character, build army, trade, manage territory and fight authentic squad based combat.


• Sandbox Gameplay
Go anywhere in the world and visit dozens of unique locations. You can trade with the locals, recruit soldiers, loot villages, expand your territory and etc. Become a trader, bandit, army commander or conqueror.

• RPG System:
Customize your character with variety of weapons and gears. Improve your character’s skills through an intuitive attribute system. Customize your faction and manage your territory.

• Squad Tactics and High Command
Dozens types of squad each with different combat roles and characteristics. Give orders to your squads and find your own tactics to maximize their combat efficiency. Call for support such as air strike and ammo re-supply.

• Various Combat Situations
From small scale field encounters to epic battle of attacking a major town, or a swift ambush of enemy convoy. Combat never gets repetitive.
• Intuitive and Authentic Combat
Realistic ballistic simulation, environment, AI and graphics will give you an immersive real battlefield experience.

• Factions
Interact with other factions. Align with them or annihilate them.
If you’d like to learn more about our game, you can view the Press Kit link below.


And if you want to play our alpha demo, please download here.


Website: https://www.strifeandpower.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StrifeAndPower
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/strifeandpower/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/strifeandpower/
VK: https://vk.com/strifeandpower
Humble page: https://www.humblebundle.com/g/stifeandpower

New Frontier Game Studio


Dice Breaker – clicker RPG


We are Fake Fairy- small independent gaming studio.

After a full year of hard work, coming straight from our main jobs to our man caves, spending sleepless nights on fullfilling our childhood dream we’ve finally managed to finish and release our first game- Dice Breaker!



We wanted to create something fresh, funny and innovative.

First of all, Dice Breaker is an action, turn-based j-RPG with really highly developed plot. In this game we combines anime-like storyline with pure, handmade comics, unique dice-based mechanics and some traditional upgradable items system.
All of this was gathered together in one story mode (single player) and divided into seven chapters.

In this epic adventure (with a pinch of twisted comedy) you begin as a typical highschooler who suddenly got superpowers. But right after got framed into some mieschevious plot.
Player’s mission is to kick dozens of villain’s butts on his way to figure out the truth (mostly by tapping enemies to death and using special dices which grants unique skills).
The game itself is challenging, especially fights with the bosses, but with proper tactics, items and ability to adapt to the battlefield everything should go smooth.

Key features of Dice Breaker:

  •  Anime – like storyline presented in comic book style
  • Nonlinear RPG character development (thanks to many different skills each fight may look different to guarantee the best combat experience)
  • Innovative turn-based combat system that requires both thinking and dexterity
  • Dozens of unique enemies (zombies, Slavic ninjas, old people, sexy robot chicks and much more)
  • Classical RPG fashion items upgrading your skills and statistics
  • High quality, hand-drawn graphics with astonishing special effects

Most of all, Dice Breaker is totally free Android game and we are still working on it based on players reviews. In this case we’ll be glad to hear from you because we want to make Dice Breaker better.

Check out Dice Breaker for yourselves and enjoy! 🙂

Links to social media:



Poly Star!

Poly Star

Available now on iTunes, and Google Play, offers an engaging and exciting arcade experience. Players will pilot a stolen star fighter as they journey through space trying to avoid enemy fire for risk of being blasted into another dimension. Poly Star was created to introduce geometry, counting, and math in a fun way. Poly Star’s clean lines, fun colors and simple graphics help the user to relate to the app and math in general.

Poly Star’s easy to use controls, many exciting features, and simplistic graphics set itself apart from other apps on the app store. Players can move freely by dragging their ship using the left side of the screen to avoid taking damage. Players can tap on the right side of the screen to fire lasers at their enemies and power ups alike! Sand Heaver writes:

“It is a very enjoyable side-scrolling shoot-em-up with great music and has a very clean, minimalist feel. Clearly a lot of love and attention has gone into the overall aesthetic.”

Another one of the great features that Poly Star has to offer is it upgrade system. Users accumulate stars by defeating enemies and bosses alike. These stars can be used to upgrade power ups, shielding, and the amount of lasers fired. These stronger power ups become crucial to surviving higher wave counts. With over seven power ups and eight different upgrades, Poly Star has a lot of gameplay for players to explore.

For players who have a knack for competition, Poly Star will save the user’s highest scores and post them to a global leaderboard so that they can compare themselves against other players across the world. Additionally, players also unlock achievements from defeating waves of enemies, avoiding damage, progressing quickly, defeating bosses, and using power ups effectively!

Poly Star is available world wide for absolutely no cost to the user. Currently the app does not provide any in app purchases and is available on both iPhones and Android devices.

The app is available for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyKyle

The app is available for iOS: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/poly-star/id1203859727?ls=1&mt=8
Please check out my trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvMlPWePjm0