A major update for A.I. Invasion was just released

A major update for A.I. Invasion was just released.

This update brings a new mission to the table and contains a new location to discover: The A.I. space station! Additionally, the game now fully supports gamepad control!

A.I. Invasion controller support

In the mission players will leave solid ground behind and infiltrate an A.I. space station orbiting through the planetary system.


A.I. Invasion Spacestation


This update also introduces various adjustments and features to the control system. First off, every aspect of the game can now be controlled with the gamepad. Furthermore, new radial menus can be opened in missions by holding a key or button. There is a radial menu for special unit selection and one for unit commands.

  • Keyboard default: Q / RMB
  • Gamepad default: RT / LT

The following image illustrates how the system works:


A.I. Invasion Radial menu


Please note that due to these changes, mouse sensitivity might have changed. We added the option to adjust mouse sensitivity to the keyboard options window.

Update detail


  • the Mission “Hot Proxies” was added to the game. The team infiltrates an A.I. space station to recover intelligence
  • full gamepad support was implemented
  • radial menus are available to mouse/keyboard and gamepad control
  • mouse sensitivity can be adjusted in keyboard binding options


A.I. Invasion on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/386540/

Press Kit A.I. Invasion: www.ai-invasion.net/press

About GameArt Studio:

GameArt Studio is an independent game developer and publisher from Berlin, Germany. In the past the studio brought forward classic role playing titles available in 11 languages. With its four MMO role playing games Holy War, Tagoria, A.I. War and Glory Wars, GameArt Studio thrills a worldwide community.

GameArt Studio recently set its focus on the development of futuristic action and arcade games for Xbox One. Two new titles, Quantum Rush: Champions, a classic future racer, and Fermi’s Path, a music driven arcade game, have been announced for Xbox One during summer 2015. Several new titles are currently in development.


Contact and further information:

GameArt Studio GmbH

Bismarckstraße 107

10625 Berlin – Germany

E-Mail: press_en@gameartstudio.de, info@ai-invasion.net

Internet: www.gameartstudio.de


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About gameartstudio

GameArt Studio GmbH was founded 2006 in Berlin, Germany, and quickly advanced to one of the most innovative developers and publishers of online games. With its four free2Play multiplayer games Holy War, Tagoria, A.I. War and Glory Wars, which are available worldwide in 11 languages, GameArt Studio thrills a worldwide community. Since one year GameArt Studio is breaking new grounds: The action-packed future racer Quantum Rush: Champions is available since 2014 on Steam and can be played in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. The latest game Fermi's Path is still in development and is designed as a classic arcade game. The game will also be available on Steam. The player jumps into the role of Fermi, a particle on an thrilling voyage through subatomic space. Next to many exciting levels and an infinity mode a level editor will also be included in the game.