We Are The Dwarves

We Are The Dwarves has new Teaser Trailer and will release on February 26th.

Stranded at the far reaches of the universe, three dwarven astronauts team together out of the wreckage of their failed expedition. Find a way back to the dwarven kingdom in this tactical action-adventure.

– Single-player game where you control three-dwarves team, each of them having their own set of exclusive skills;

– Active game pause mode, for better setting of tactic moves – just stop the game and command your dwarves what to do, and watch them performing when you release the pause;

– You can create the sequence of actions for all three characters at the same time (stack of commands);

– Depending on what you want from the level, you can play in the style of slasher or think through stealth tactics and use environment wisely. That brings fun in replaying the levels;

– The creatures living in the world of the Endless Stone can not only communicate with each other, they have senses to see, hear or smell your trace, which makes it harder for you to stay unnoticed.

Official Site: http://wearethedwarves.com/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nj66fVdsU3U

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/wearethedwarves/

Breakout Arkanu

We have just released our first mobile game called “Breakout Arkanu”. It is a fresh take on the Breakout / Arkanoid genre introducing some new mechanics such as storing a bonus for later and fun bonus effects. The nunus – mischievous creatures that come out of the bricks to make your life harder help keep the game intriguing and exciting.

You control the paddle and your mission can be to destroy all bricks in the level, complete it before the time runs out, interact with the nunus by bouncing them and destroying the items they throw at you, accumulate score points from bricks and bonuses or try to finish the level before the bricks fall and reach the paddle. The game also features a secret level where bonus spawn chances are rapidly increased so that you can collect and store enough of them for use in later levels.

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Pizza Brave

Pizza Brave is a fast-paced platform-adventure game that takes you across dangerous worlds, delivering pizza, in a retro pixelart atmosphere. We developed a mix of two classic genres, action-platformers and graphic adventures, to create an amazing experience. Pizza Brave combines the adrenaline of action-platformers with the engaging fun of multi-option graphic adventure style dialogs.

Link to Official Site

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Still Alive

“Still Alive” is a competitive multiplayer platformer with challenging survival aspects – is now on Kickstarter. In the harsh and destroyed world of “Still Alive” the player has to face a survival situation. While up to 10 survivors are in search of equipment and supplies, they have to defend themselves against each other as well as against the deadly environment of a post-apocalyptic world. In their Kickstarter campaign Binji ask for $45.000 “to bring the prototype to a fully polished game” – the campaign will run until 04.24.2014

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