Beat Crisis Up beta released

“Beat Crisis Up” beta, is out from now untill the 30 of July.
The beta is now in v1.3.
But..WTF is “Beat Crisis Up”?
Beat Crisis Up is a 2D retro Metroidvania-Beat featuring:

– Gigantic open world map.

– +20 hours of gameplay.

– Over 40 different attack moves, including throws, punches, kicks, reversals, and literally hundreds of possible combos…the largest move set in any 2D Beat’em up game EVER!

– Strong RPG elements.

– Game tracks your fighting style, including variety, mercy, the use of aerial or standing attacks, and more.

– Forget about enemies that are just there to get beaten…these guys want you for DEAD!.

– Slapstick humor, blood, brutality and political commentary.

– Coming up late 2017 for Windows, Linux and MacOs

Here´s the trailer at our Youtube channel:

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