Bohemian Killing – new indie mix of Phoenix Wright and Gone Home

Bohemian Killing hits IndieGoGo
Discover a combination of Phoenix Wright and Gone Home
SZCZECIN, November 8th, 2014 – First fully nonlinear first person courtroom drama, set in the streets of elegant 19th century steampunk Paris.
The Moonwalls launch an IndieGoGo campaign for their new videogame Bohemian Killing. The intent is to complete the budget of a production scheduled for release in May next year, for Windows, Mac, and Linux. The IndieGoGo campaign runs for 33 days. The funding goal is $13,000.

Bohemian Killing is a narrative-driven courtroom drama, offering players almost unlimited possibilities of solving the lawsuit, thanks to the complete integration of gameplay and narrated story.
„I actually know the one man army dev on Bohemian Killing, smart guy and I am truly excited for this game. Give it a look.” said Adrian Chmielarz, the creator of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.
Steampunk Paris, set against the background of the late 19th century, torn between tradition and modernity. Class differences and pervasive racism finally lead to a tragedy. A year later you find yourself on trial, accused of a brutal murder. How far will you go to exonerate yourself? Will you lie, seek evidence to prop your testimony or, perhaps, pretend to be insane? Your imagination is the limit.
The story is set within two time frames. In the present, you find yourself locked up in the courtroom. You’re getting acquainted with the evidence, witness testimony and questions posed by the Judge. Each question triggers a flashback – and begins your testimony. During the flashback you find yourself in a Parisian district, with each of your decisions, interactions and action affecting Alfred Ethons’ testimony and the final verdict.
With a wide range of possibilities that can lead to several standard endings and one additional hidden one, the game doesn’t consider any path “a bad one”, ensuring that each playthrough will be different.
Bohemian Killing is being developed at The Moonwalls by a one man army – Marcin Makaj, with an outside help of a very talented composer – Marcin Maślanka.
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