Breakout Arkanu

We have just released our first mobile game called “Breakout Arkanu”. It is a fresh take on the Breakout / Arkanoid genre introducing some new mechanics such as storing a bonus for later and fun bonus effects. The nunus – mischievous creatures that come out of the bricks to make your life harder help keep the game intriguing and exciting.

You control the paddle and your mission can be to destroy all bricks in the level, complete it before the time runs out, interact with the nunus by bouncing them and destroying the items they throw at you, accumulate score points from bricks and bonuses or try to finish the level before the bricks fall and reach the paddle. The game also features a secret level where bonus spawn chances are rapidly increased so that you can collect and store enough of them for use in later levels.

– 100+ levels (split in different level packs)
– 37 Bonuses which can be upgraded
– Nunus – fun characters that make your gaming experience complete
– 5 Game Modes spread throughout the levels (normal, score based, time based)
– Mechanic to store bonuses and use them later on
– Objectives in levels that reward you for completing them

Price: Free
Platform: iOS / Android
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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