Dice Breaker – clicker RPG


We are Fake Fairy- small independent gaming studio.

After a full year of hard work, coming straight from our main jobs to our man caves, spending sleepless nights on fullfilling our childhood dream we’ve finally managed to finish and release our first game- Dice Breaker!



We wanted to create something fresh, funny and innovative.

First of all, Dice Breaker is an action, turn-based j-RPG with really highly developed plot. In this game we combines anime-like storyline with pure, handmade comics, unique dice-based mechanics and some traditional upgradable items system.
All of this was gathered together in one story mode (single player) and divided into seven chapters.

In this epic adventure (with a pinch of twisted comedy) you begin as a typical highschooler who suddenly got superpowers. But right after got framed into some mieschevious plot.
Player’s mission is to kick dozens of villain’s butts on his way to figure out the truth (mostly by tapping enemies to death and using special dices which grants unique skills).
The game itself is challenging, especially fights with the bosses, but with proper tactics, items and ability to adapt to the battlefield everything should go smooth.

Key features of Dice Breaker:

  •  Anime – like storyline presented in comic book style
  • Nonlinear RPG character development (thanks to many different skills each fight may look different to guarantee the best combat experience)
  • Innovative turn-based combat system that requires both thinking and dexterity
  • Dozens of unique enemies (zombies, Slavic ninjas, old people, sexy robot chicks and much more)
  • Classical RPG fashion items upgrading your skills and statistics
  • High quality, hand-drawn graphics with astonishing special effects

Most of all, Dice Breaker is totally free Android game and we are still working on it based on players reviews. In this case we’ll be glad to hear from you because we want to make Dice Breaker better.

Check out Dice Breaker for yourselves and enjoy! 🙂

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