Epic Manager: Create your own Adventuring Agency! by ManaVoid Entertainement


We are ManaVoid Entertainment, an independant video game studio based in Montreal, Canada.

Our first title, Epic Manager, was recently described by Rock. Paper. Shotgun. as the lovechild of Dungeons & Dragons and Football Manager.

Epic Manager is a unique Fantasy RPG Tycoon game for PC and Mac that lets you create your own Adventuring Agency!


Rated “E” for EPIC!

Don’t take our word for it! Epic Manager has already been featured on more than 20 game media outlets, and the buzz around the project keeps growing.

We are pleased to announce that the iconic SHOVEL KNIGHT will now be featured as a playable character class in Epic Manager, thanks to our fellow gamedevs over at Yacht Club Games. Plus, more guest stars will join Epic Manager’s journey!

We are honored with the extremely positive feedback from both the public and the press so far : http://kck.st/1pRNHAG

So come check us out, you’ll be glad you did!

And vote for us on Steam Greenlight. 🙂

The ManaVoid Entertainement Dev Team.

Example of a Contract Negotiation - Pre-Alpha Visuals

Rangers - It's not because they live in the woods that they don't like style!

Wayyyyy more COOL STUFF to be found at http://kck.st/1zdqBwM