Fall of Cutie

Fall of Cutie

Bevare: addictive!

Some cute animal was wondering what to do in their spare time. Then suddenly an idea came up out of the blue sky. Let’s have a competition but not a usual one it must be funny and a little bit dangerous as well. This is the basic idea of the competition called Fall of Cutie. The rules are simple easy to understand be the fastest to be able to take your place in the Hall of Cuties.


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The gameplay is not as easy as it seems to be. Meanwhile our favourite pet is falling down we can controll the flight by tilting the device left or right.
You should avoid the crash on the environment or we slow down our speed and lose some amount of the collected gold coins. During the fall we can collect gold that is good for buying boxes in which we can find random animals. If you are lucky you get a new cutie pet and you can complete you collection.
There is one more important thing you should take care. During the gameplay you can find banners and you need to tap your device when your pet goes through. You must be precise as much as you can.


* Free & Full!!
* Fun casual gameplay
* 13 unlockable jumpers
* Short sessions, lasting fun
* Compete against your friends for the top score
* Different characteristics based on their mass
* Surpisingly tactical gameplay
* Global highscores to show off your skills
* Ideal for children, but challenging for competitive players
* Watch ads to earn coins faster and unlock new Jumpers and locations
* Free updates, including new animals and levels
* Addictive gameplay
* Super awesome graphics
* Great sound effects and music
* The feeling or free fall
* Turn on/off music and sound effects

Update is coming soon

  • new collectible cutie pets
  • new locations
  • wheel of fortune
  • renewed gameplay

Google Play link

Youtube trailer video

Have fund and do not forget to open the parachute!