Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey – A Comedy Game

“Don’t be afraid… Buy the ticket, and let me take you for a ride.”
Ryan Murphy, The Developer of the game.

Jack Hoth: The Legendary Journey is, at a glance, a comedic trip down the memory lane of classic RPGs. But don’t let the silly facade fool you. Once you start down the rabbit hole… there’s no turning back. What it really is, is a trip. A trip through a twisted mind.

The overall experience of the game can be likened to Mel Brooks movies, the Austin Powers trilogy, Airplane!, Deadpool, and other parody/satire. Play it for a good laugh, it’s sure to tickle most funny bones. Experience it for the head games, psycholigical twists and turns, the twisted allegories and metaphors… to see just how deep the hole goes.

The Game:
The story starts simple. Jack Hoth is a famous let’s player on WeTelly. After a HUGE party celebrating his winning an award at WeTellyCon in Lost Vegas, he wakes up with a nasty hangover… then things just get worse.

He answers a knock at the door thinking it’s a friend, only to be kidnapped by the game developer! Forced to carry out a quest in a classic fantasy realm in the far flung future! There’s only one way to get home… and that’s do what he’s told.

Playing as Jack you’ll have to fight your way through nine crazy lands full of baddies. Learning to coordinate your skills and spells to try and wipe them out, before they can do the same to you.

Along the way you’ll explore an unpredictable world, meet strange and wonderful characters, and discover that even in the silliest of places… dark things ALWAYS lurk.

The Gameplay:
Jack Hoth: TLJ is a unique blend of several RPG styles.
Hack’n’Slash, tactical skill based combat. In a turn based format.
A massive amount of comedy, ranging from word play to sight gags, and just about everything in between.
A story that starts silly and simple, an intentional cliche, then gets more complex, twisted, dark and dramatic the deeper you go.
Lastly, there are touches of psychological horror woven in as well. It’s a game that likes messing with your head, and your expectations.

Player Quotes:
” I think my favorite thing had to be walking around and looking at the scenery, the banter between the PCs and the various running gags!”
“This looks awesome, omg I can’t rave on it enough!”
“Please upload the soundtrack, would love to listen to the music while I am working!”