Maxmuses launch the first online trading card game using phases God Caster on the first indie game crowdfunding platform Gamekicker

8th March, Maxmuses indie game studio launch God Caster – the first online trading card game with a no turns and super active gameplay using Preparing phase and Duel phase, featuring Gods, mythical creatures and cultures around the world. The game also received the support of Square Enix Collective and approved by Steam Greenlight. God Caster’s campaign is live now on, the first crowdfunding platform for true indie games, with the first stretch goal is to be the first VR online active trading card game. This hopefully can be a good news to many indie developers and players enjoying indie games, we would like to invite you to check out the game and the platform. It will be our honor to have your feedback.

Game information:
  • Title: God Caster
  • Platform: PC (Mac, Linux, Andoird, iOS coming soon)
  • Genre: Card game, strategy, multiplayer, indie
  • Language: English (more coming soon)
  • Developer: Maxmuses
In case you need any further information, please send to, mad Max will always be ready here to answer any of your questions.