New FPS/RPG hybrid PC game “Strife and Power”. Demo download availiable

Hi, We are developing a tactical FPS/sandbox RPG hybrid PC game. Freely explore the world, customize your character, build army, trade, manage territory and fight authentic squad based combat.


• Sandbox Gameplay
Go anywhere in the world and visit dozens of unique locations. You can trade with the locals, recruit soldiers, loot villages, expand your territory and etc. Become a trader, bandit, army commander or conqueror.

• RPG System:
Customize your character with variety of weapons and gears. Improve your character’s skills through an intuitive attribute system. Customize your faction and manage your territory.

• Squad Tactics and High Command
Dozens types of squad each with different combat roles and characteristics. Give orders to your squads and find your own tactics to maximize their combat efficiency. Call for support such as air strike and ammo re-supply.

• Various Combat Situations
From small scale field encounters to epic battle of attacking a major town, or a swift ambush of enemy convoy. Combat never gets repetitive.
• Intuitive and Authentic Combat
Realistic ballistic simulation, environment, AI and graphics will give you an immersive real battlefield experience.

• Factions
Interact with other factions. Align with them or annihilate them.
If you’d like to learn more about our game, you can view the Press Kit link below.

And if you want to play our alpha demo, please download here.

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