Beat Crisis Up beta released

“Beat Crisis Up” beta, is out from now untill the 30 of July.
The beta is now in v1.3.
But..WTF is “Beat Crisis Up”?
Beat Crisis Up is a 2D retro Metroidvania-Beat featuring:

– Gigantic open world map.

– +20 hours of gameplay.

– Over 40 different attack moves, including throws, punches, kicks, reversals, and literally hundreds of possible combos…the largest move set in any 2D Beat’em up game EVER!

– Strong RPG elements.

– Game tracks your fighting style, including variety, mercy, the use of aerial or standing attacks, and more.

– Forget about enemies that are just there to get beaten…these guys want you for DEAD!.

– Slapstick humor, blood, brutality and political commentary.

– Coming up late 2017 for Windows, Linux and MacOs

Here´s the trailer at our Youtube channel:

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You can check and download it at

Official Steam Release of the Arcade Game Fermi’s Path

GameArt Studio, the developer from Berlin, Germany announced the release of their latest game “Fermi’s Path”, an action-packed arcade game driven by catchy electro beats .

Fermi’s Path is now available on Steam:

Players need skill, quick reactions and a good feeling for the rhythm of the beat when they steer the small particle called Fermi on a voyage through the colorful subatomic worlds while avoiding obstacles and fighting incoming particles.

In addition to the many and ever faster and harder getting levels, Fermi’s Path offers an infinity mode and a level editor.

Of course, Steam Achievements, various Trading Cards, Leaderboards, the Steam Workshops for sharing levels, are a must!

Whoever now wishes to jump into the role of Fermi to join the run on the highscore can visit the Steam page of the game and start playing!

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Fermi’s voyage through the subatomic world

GameArt Studio, the developer from Berlin, Germany announces a new game: In Fermi’s Path, a classic arcade game the player takes jumps into the role of Fermi, a small particle on a thrilling voyage through subatomic space.

At present the game is still in development and will be released on Steam ( But players can already add Fermi’s Path to their wishlist on Steam.

Next to countless levesl and an infinty mode a level editor will be includet, which will allow players to create their own challenges and to share them through the Steam Workshop. In this way the speedy journey through surreal space will never become boring.

A first impression of the game can be found on the Youtube channel of Fermi’s Path (

If you wish to stay up-to-date on the development of the game you can subscribe to the game newsletter on

Ghosts’n DJs : EDM Retro Arcade Lampoon


After more than 20 years as musical producer and DJ, Dr. Kucho!, tired of those fake DJs who are dominating the music scene because of the money they use to promote themselves, uses his programming knowledge to create the video game “Ghosts’n DJs” and spread some justice around (in a virtual way).

Inspired on Ghosts’n Goblins, Ghosts’n DJs keeps the feeling of the classic arcades: precise movement, quick action, retro graphics with big pixel, CRT screen simulation… on the other hand, the monsters you have to fight are not retro at all: Devil Gueta, Steve Sushi, Paris Sheraton, Pauly Douchebag and Pitbullshit. To defeat these evil creatures you count on physical music supports such as vinyls, CDRom, pen drives and tapes as weapons.

The video game, which is still in progress, was launched on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform the 16th October, the same day of the Madrid Games Week fair public release and where Ghosts’n DJs won the second prize as Best Indie Game voted by the audience.

The Project is on: