Tap Company: Startup in Miami

Tap Company is a very simple idle game, full with funny characters such as Fabio the flamingo, Hank the business monkey and superstylish gambling junkies at the basement. What is really unique is that it has a storyline with a dramatic twist in the middle and epic emotions at the end 🙂

Take the lead of a small startup company and if you’re a good businessperson, you’ll quickly find yourself in a situation where you’re able to build the biggest casino in the world. And when the business goes well you can fill your company with the brightest business brains to make the dirty work for you so you can lay back and sip some well-deserved margarita. Well, not exactly. There are other things better not to forget about, like that strange, otherworldly light in the sky that becomes more and more menacing over time. What could it be? Is it a threat to Earth? Will you be able to act in the moment of need? Come and find out!

More information here.