Garden Clerk, Tenebra Studios’ upcoming retro game

Great news for Retro Games aficionados!

Tenebra Studios, a Greek game development and digital interactive software company, has hinted about the release of its retro inspired puzzle exploration game with a sinister dark twist, titled “Garden Clerk” !

The game features exploration, reflex based riddles and puzzle solving ala legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening, with all the 8bit glory accompanying it.

It is made in Pico-8 with many modern features like, high-score table for competitive play, save/load system, real-time reflections and particle systems. The competitive edge of the game is that each labyrinth/dungeon can be solved in an optimal way, with the least amount of steps taken while collecting all the available keys and opening all the chests. In your adventure you will meet NPCs and stores, alongside signposts that will help or hinder you.

Unravel the true story behind the titular Clerk in this new retro pixel flavored game. You can watch Garden Clerk’s trailer here and download the demo from here.

Main buttons used by the game are ‘Z’, ‘X’ and the arrow keys. You can also use any standard USB gamepad attached to your PC. By holding down ‘X’ you bring up your inventory and ‘Z’ handles the rest of the interactions.

The full version is still in development with the target release on Q3 2020. The suggested pricing will be at €2.99 on multiple platforms, initially available on PC, Windows, Linux, MACOSX and Android.

Pixel Art, Animations, Logo Design and Publicity Art by Irene Theochari

Additional Pixel Art and Animations by Thanos Georgoulis and Konstantina Bethani

Scenario, Level Design, Sound Effects by Thanos Georgoulis

Game Design – Programming by Thanos Georgoulis

Music and additional code by the PICO-8 Community, especially Dylan Bennett, Gruber, ShootingStar, Grumpydev, PicoLate and willwilliams68k

Beat Crisis Up beta released

“Beat Crisis Up” beta, is out from now untill the 30 of July.
The beta is now in v1.3.
But..WTF is “Beat Crisis Up”?
Beat Crisis Up is a 2D retro Metroidvania-Beat featuring:

– Gigantic open world map.

– +20 hours of gameplay.

– Over 40 different attack moves, including throws, punches, kicks, reversals, and literally hundreds of possible combos…the largest move set in any 2D Beat’em up game EVER!

– Strong RPG elements.

– Game tracks your fighting style, including variety, mercy, the use of aerial or standing attacks, and more.

– Forget about enemies that are just there to get beaten…these guys want you for DEAD!.

– Slapstick humor, blood, brutality and political commentary.

– Coming up late 2017 for Windows, Linux and MacOs

Here´s the trailer at our Youtube channel:

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You can check and download it at